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I forgot my Password

Please choose your account type:

Company administration account
The user name is a searchname - i.e. a word usually related to your company name (e.g. the company name is Testdrive Ltd. the word (searchname) is testdrive).
Vodafone has sent you the so-called Portal Access Letter (PAL), which contains the user name and password.
If you have forgotten your changed password, please contact your Service Manager or send an e-mail to the OSS team.

Normal user account
This is an account created by a company administration account. Please contact your company administrator - the person using the company administration account - to get your password reset.

How do I activate my account?

When a new user account has been created for you, the system will send you an activation e-mail. This e-mail contains your user name and a 32bit token.

What is stored in the cookie?

For security reasons our system will set a cookie. This cookie contains the session id and a cryptographic hash of it. If you have any questions about cookies, please consult our Privacy Policy.

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