Network SLA

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monitors, reports and guarantees performance of its IP backbone every minute of every day.
For customers, both network and connectivity reporting is backed by robust SLA guarantees.

If your SLA has not been met, contact your Account or Service Manager.

Network Performance & SLA
Actual real time and historical IP backbone packet loss and latency performance is available node-to-node, by region and transatlantic.

Information displayed is latency (round trip delay) in milliseconds and packet loss as a percentage value.
For SLA figures please select Region as scale and Last Month as time scale.

Actual latency is more than 5 ms below target or actual packet loss is more than 0.1% below target.
Actual latency is 5 ms or less below target or actual packet loss is 0.1% or less below target.
Actual latency is above target or actual packet loss is above target.