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I forgot my password

There are two different account types, please choose:

Company administration accounts
The user name is a searchname - i.e. a word usually related to your company name (e.g. if the company name is Testdrive Ltd. the word (searchname) is testdrive).
has sent you the PAL, which contains the user name and password.
If you have forgotten your changed password, please contact your service manager or send an e-mail to the service team.

Normal user account
This is an account created by a company administration account. Please contact your company administrator - the person using the company administration account - to get your password reset.

How do I activate my account?

As soon as your access to the portal has been set up, you will receive an automated e-mail asking you to activate your account. This e-mail contains your user name and a 32bit token. By clicking on the link within the e-mail, you will be redirected to the activation page, where you can activate your account and choose a password.

What is stored in the cookie?

For security reasons our system will set a cookie once you have logged onto the portal. This cookie contains the session ID and a cryptographic hash of it. If you have any questions regarding cookies, please consult our Privacy Policy.